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“I was injured in a motorcycle accident and I fractured my shoulder plus had other internal problems. After 3 weeks my doctor recommended Town & Country Physiotherapy since I only had 30% arm movement. Alex Bagley assessed my situation (at my home) and set up a series of appointments which have continued to advance my mobility.”

- Philip B., Age 62

Past President of BBB

“Just wanted to let you know that the smoking cessation session that I had on February 27th is still working. I am 4 months smoke free – I had no cravings at all when I left your offices and even with a few stressful moments in the past, I still manage to leave the cigs. I can't thank you enough – I spread the word where ever I can and I know that my ex smoking friends are happy they took the plunge.”

- W.B

“The clinic says welcome the minute you walk in through the door. The atmosphere is so positive you feel better just being here. They know everyone and their needs at the first visit. The staff are amazing. They truly care about everyone and treat them all like family... I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone in pain.”

- S.M. (Shoulder Injury), Age 47

“I find the clinic a pleasant place to be and like that it's centrally located. Staff is approachable and flexible.”

- A.T.
Mother of 6 year old patient

“I would recommend Alex and his clinic to any parent of an autistic or developmentally challenged child who is looking to enhance their child's physical skills.”

- A.T.
Mother of a 6 year old autistic patient

“My healing being important to my career and quality of living, I have to say Alex's attentiveness and care has me returning to my life through healthy recovery. Aside from his healing talents, he creates a comfortable place with his humor, good spirit and bed side manner.”

- P.N., Age 31
Dancer (Foot Injury)

“As a parent of a child, Alex has a great manner with young children. He is flexible in his approach with her and knows just how much to challenge her when it comes to developing/refining both her fine and gross motor skills.”

- A.T., Mother of a 6 year old child with autism,
development coordination delay and apraxia

“I recommend Town & Country Physiotherapy to anyone needing professional, effective and friendly assistance for treatable medical conditions.”

- Robert M., Age 74
Retired Teacher, RCMP, Canadian Forces

“The clinic is very well run and well managed. Alex 'knows his stuff'. He is quick to adapt and change procedures to ensure I get the right treatment. He has all the needed equipment to do an outstanding job...”

- Philip B., Age 62
Past President of BBB

“I'd highly recommend you try Town & Country Physiotherapy. Working directly with Alex and his team will certainly have you heading for a successful outcome.”

- Philip B., Age 62
Past President of BBB

“I smoked for 38 years... 1-1½ packs per day. I tried the patch and gum, it didn't work. The laser treatment and counselling session took less than an hour. I'm following Alex's plan and remain a committed non-smoker. Now if I can just get my husband down here.”

- E.P., Age 58

“I had surgery on my knee for an ACL and cartilage tear and Alex had me playing soccer competitively in 6 months. I haven't had any problems since. The clinic is very warm and friendly with pleasant staff and great music to listen to while getting treated. The staff are very knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant to talk to.”

- S.K., Age 19
Student, Receptionist

“Alex is very knowledgeable, helped me recover from my injuries and taught me lots of exercises and stretches so I can continue doing my work. He helped me from suffering chronic pain to no pain. His therapies have enabled me to continue working and living a normal life.”

- C.P. (Arm-Shoulder Injury), Age 53
Hospitality Worker

“Town & Country Physiotherapy has helped me to live a healthy lifestyle. I recommend them highly.”

- Robert M., Age 74
Retired Teacher, RCMP, Canadian Forces

“Without their treatments I wouldn't have been able to work productively until age 67.”

- Robert M., Age 74
Retired Teacher, RCMP, Canadian Forces

“All the physiotherapists I've seen have been knowledgeable with good results from different techniques. They really know their exercises and equipment they keep me working and moving they succeed every week to make walking comfortable for me.”

- Don R. (Ankle, Knee and Hip Compound Fractures), Age 60

“The very best physiotherapists I have ever dealt with... professional, compassionate, approachable, never too busy to answer questions, well organized and run clinic. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone of any age.”

- R.S.M. (Shoulder Injury), Age 72
Forestry Worker

“Alex is very good at his job. He has very good listening skills and can help resolve issues of pain management, treatment and help with employers and insurance representatives. He has helped me get back to work in a safe and pain free manner.”

- S.M. (Shoulder Injury), Age 47

“I was run over by a cyclist going the wrong way down the street at rapid speed – the collision broke my hip in two places. Because I was abroad, I spent 10 days in-hospital before coming home – unable to walk except with the assistance of a walker. Although older, I have always been a runner and am very fit but was unable to raise my broken leg even a centimetre from the bed. I was in a lot of pain.

I was told by the Victoria orthopaedic surgeon that it was unlikely I would ever run again and might never walk without a limp. Others told me I might run again, but it would take at least a year.

Alex told me my goals were realistic and helped me achieve them by designing a challenging rehab program involving strengthening and walking. By three months, I was beginning to run (slowly) again. I appreciated Alex supporting the goals I had. His emotional support and perspective kept me focused and moving forward, even when I was discouraged and exhausted.

It is almost a year since my accident. I run 4-5 times a week for 40-45 minutes at a time, do speed work regularly and weight training on a regular basis. This past summer, I started hiking again – another big step for me. I owe a huge amount of thanks to Alex for supporting me and helping me recover so that I have my life back."

- Janet C.

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