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Physiotherapy Insurance in Victoria, BC

We invite you to take a look at the various insurance options that may be available to you:

  • DVA - Department of Veterans Affairs
  • ICBC - Insurance Corporation of BC
  • MSP - Medical Services Plan
  • WCB - Workers' Compensation Board / WorkSafeBC


DVA - Department of Veterans Affairs:


Town & Country Physiotherapy has worked with DVA patients for years. Our consistently thorough treatment approach has had patients, their children, friends, and family referrals coming to us for generations. Our dealing with Veterans Affairs Canada is one of mutual respect and can help speed up time-consuming paperwork. VAC has established a national treatment services program to ensure that eligible clients receive health care benefits and services in a timely and efficient manner.


Clients eligible for health care benefits or services are provided with a VAC health care identification card. This card must be presented at the first visit to ensure treatment fee coverage. Treatment authorization varies and can be determined at the first treatment visit. There are no user fees for DVA-funded treatments.


DVA offers benefits provided by health professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropodists, podiatrists, osteopaths, occupational therapists, hearing and speech therapists, and psychologists. To receive some forms of therapy, clients must be referred by their doctor.


ICBC - Insurance Corporation of BC:


If you have been in a car accident and require physiotherapy, you may have benefits through ICBC.


Here at Town & Country Physiotherapy, physiotherapists have earned an excellent reputation with both lawyers and ICBC for our thorough and prompt treatment. We are noted for professional handling of all paperwork involved and keeping everyone informed of progress and changes as they arise.


We advocate on behalf of our patients on all matters regarding treatment coverage time, required further investigation such as MRIs, etc., and the need for other specialist involvement such as occupational therapists. We can coordinate return-to-work schedules with employers, doctors, and lawyers, when appropriate, to ensure a smooth transition throughout the process.


Accident benefits cover:

  • Everyone injured in a crash who is riding in a vehicle that is licensed and insured in BC.
  • A pedestrian or cyclist who is injured in a crash involving a moving motor vehicle if that person or a member of their household is insured through Autoplan.
  • Any cyclist or pedestrian hit and injured in Canada by a vehicle that is licensed and insured in BC.

ICBC must be informed that you require physiotherapy treatment. In most cases, a written referral from a doctor is necessary to obtain funding from ICBC. All accident information – including claim number and adjuster information, as well as personal health number – is required upon first visit.


Pre-approved number of treatments: 25 (within 12 weeks of the date of the accident causing the injury) as outlined in the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation



MSP - Medical Services Plan:


There is limited MSP coverage for select individuals based on last year's income. Here at Town & Country Physiotherapy, we can check to see if you qualify for this partial coverage (premium assistance) using your care card number.


The following healthcare services are affected by limited MSP coverage: physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, and non-surgical podiatry services (except for MSP beneficiaries with premium assistance status).


If you have premium assistance status, you are eligible for 10 visits a year for the combination of the services listed above. There is a user fee per visit (maximum 10 treatments per year at this rate) that is not covered by any other insurer, but that can be used as an income tax deduction.


The number of services that have been used up by you to date can be checked as long as all billings have been submitted to MSP. It is suggested that you keep track of visits you have throughout the year to avoid a rejection and full bill for your visits.


WSBC - Workers' Compensation Board / WorkSafeBC:


WSBC may fund your physiotherapy if you have been injured at work and your doctor recommends that you attend physiotherapy to help get you back to work and prevent re-injury.


Our physiotherapists have years of experience working with WCB through all aspects of a claim, from start to discharge. We include work hardening and work simulation as appropriate, and negotiate with WCB to ensure a safe, gradual return to work with modified hours/duties. Physiotherapists coordinate with nurse advisors and provide timely reports to physicians to keep them informed of progress.


If  the injury claim has been approved by WCB, you will be eligible for 6-8 weeks of treatment. We can also ask for a treatment extension if you have not fully recovered at the end of the initial treatment period.  Your claim number, personal health number, as well as accident date will be required.


All treatments are paid in full by WCB. There are no user fees involved. Treatment fees, if not approved by WCB, are the responsibility of the patient. WCB can be contacted at 1-888-WORKERS.

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